Magic Mountains

My first dark and surreal mini adventure “Magic Mountains”. The player explores a sanatorium run by robots through the eyes of two different characters: a female patient and her husband.

Complimentary Movement

This is a short color puzzle including an innovative game mechanic which makes you think about the complimentary relationships of colors while you are on your path to its final destination.

Staying Alive

I created this tricky little rhythm game with fun dancing animations for Ludum Dare 46. The theme was “keep it alive”. You have to prevent a dancing figure from dying by clicking on the right disco ball at the right time.

Miss Chief

I developed this short and sweet platform puzzler in one week together with Nocity for Itch.io’s Weekly Game Jam. The theme was “mischief”. You help Miss Chief make her way in a smart and mischievous manner.

Light Chaser

This is was my first game jam entry, made for Ludum Dare 45. It is inspired by pinball machines and explores the possibilities of simple game mechanics.

Space Boost

This is a colorful and dynamic mixture of space shooter and endless runner. It is the first game that I actually published. You can play it in the browser or you can download it from Google Play.


I am a proficient user of the Unity game engine and a good C# programmer. Furthermore, I do Game and UI Design. However, some 3d models I use are third party assets, but I mostly create my own textures and materials. For my humanoid animations I generally use Mixamo. What is more I love to give Public Domain art and music scores a new life by incorporating them into my projects. For making music and sound design I use Cubase.

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